David Cameron Caught On Microphone Slagging Off Yorkshire

David Cameron has been caught being less than kind about people from Yorkshire.

The prime minister's comments were caught by a live BBC microphone while he was rehearsing answers before a speech in Leeds today.

He is heard to tell an unidentified aide: "We just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else, we didn't realise they hated each other so much."

Cameron later explained to the BBC: “I was picked up saying something which was not meant to be broadcast but it was a joke.

“One of my aides had said to me that there were about five or six different bids from Yorkshire for devolution.

“I joked saying that Yorkshiremen had it in for everyone else and not for each other or words to that effect which was a total joke, but it’s been picked up and I suspect I will be getting a bit of gyp from this."

Some people rushed to the PM's defence:

And then there was Prezza:

The recording is reminiscent of when Gordon Brown was infamously caught on a microphone calling Labour supporter Gillian Duffy a bigot.

(H/t to GuidoFawkes for the Cameron video)