Katie Hopkins' View On Leopard Print Hair Row: 'Some People Just Think They're Above The Rules'

Katie Hopkins has hit out at the mother of a teen who was sent home from school for having leopard print hair by saying it's "nothing about rights".

Earlier in the week, mum, Yvonne Mcdowell, 34, was furious about the school's decision to send her daughter home.

She said: "As far as I'm concerned it's a breach of my daughter's human rights."

Lauren, 13, who attended Forge Valley School in Sheffield was sent home on the first day of the new school term.

"This is simply about Lauren’s ability to comply with school uniform rules, which are published on its website. I checked."

Lauren, 13, with her hairstyle that got her sent home from school

The uniform policy at Forge Valley School stated: "The school does not permit children to have extreme haircuts or colour."

But McDowell, who didn't understand why her daughter was sent home, said: "They are discriminating against [my daughter] because of how she looks. She has the right to express herself in whatever way she wants as long as she is in school uniform."

According to Hopkins, it's less about the hair and more about complying with basic rules.

Hopkins added: "If you teach a child that appearance doesn’t matter, what will be the next thing that child asserts her individuality over?

"Simply put, some people think they are above rules or even that rules are there to be broken."

It's not everyday that Hopkins makes a claim that HuffPost UK's parenting community agrees with, but after posting the initial story on the Facebook, everyone seemed to agree.

Mum Wendy wrote: "Bloody ridiculous. On what planet did she think that would be acceptable for school?"

Another mum added: "I wouldn't expect my employers or my customers to accept this as a suitable hairstyle and therefore agree with the school, children go to school to prepare them for adult life which unfortunately means sacrificing small things such as having a particular hairstyle, piercings or visible tattoos."

Other mums agreed with the fact the teen being sent home from school was more about following rules.

One wrote: "I'm sorry but that hair cut isn't acceptable, the whole point of a uniform and certain rules regarding hair and make up and what ever else is to learn the presentation of yourself and the school.

"It would be hard to get a job with the leopard print in the hair too so how can you expect a school to be okay with it?"

One mum added: "In life we have to follow rules, that's just how life is, from wearing a seat belt, to not carrying liquids on an aircraft.

"Some rules are inconvenient, some may annoy us but they are all there for a reason. If a parent chooses a school they usually choose it because they feel it's best for their child."


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