12/09/2015 08:42 BST | Updated 12/09/2015 09:59 BST

Donald Trump Just Tweeted Support For Jeremy Corbyn, Sort Of

Jeremy Corbyn is the firebrand left-wing MP who has just been elected leader of the UK Labour Party.

Donald Trump is the very conservative, right-wing contender to become the US Republican Party's nominee for president.

But despite the two being polar opposite when it comes to politics, someone just tricked Trump into tweeting his support for Corbyn. Well, sort of.


A Labour supporter on Twitter took a punt and tweeted at the American billionaire, claiming that a picture of Corbyn was a picture of his dad, in the hope of a cheeky RT.

The Labour supporter's message to Trump read: "My Dad is thinking of voting for the first time ever for you my friend," with a picture of the veteran MP wearing a flat cap attached.

And Trump really chose his moment to respond.

Just minutes after Corbyn had been declared Labour leader, the gambling and hotel magnate responded: "Great".

And the Twittersphere pretty much went into meltdown.