Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Leadership Victory Has Prompted Very Interesting Reactions Online

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as leader of the Labour Party, and people have been very quick to air their views.

With Corbyn receiving 251,417 votes - 59% - in the first round, the election was far more certain in the end than many had predicted.

And it's prompted a flurry of opinion online.

Donald Trump, currently vying for the Republican Party's nomination for American President, was even tricked into tweeting support for him.

It's fair to say some in the Labour party were less than pleased with the result.

Shadow cabinet member Jamie Reed quit on the spot

And so did Rachel Reeves

Gillian Duffy, the Rochdale resident criticised by Gordon Brown in 2010, reportedly gave her verdict.

The Tories reacted too

But lots and lots of Corbyn's supporters appeared incredibly thrilled, and they were quick to express their delight at his victory.

Supporters in Central London were very vocal indeed

And there's even a Corbyn fashion trend...