Dame Helen Mirren Calls Out Men Who Put Their Arms Around A Woman: 'It's Like Ownership'

Dame Helen Mirren has spoken out about sexist behaviour, claiming she is irritated by certain things men do to denote "ownership" over women.


The Oscar-winning actress has hit out at men who put their arm tightly around a wife or girlfriend’s shoulders, claiming she feels it shows they feel the woman is their possession.

Dame Helen Mirren

“Of course, when you’re young, you want the guy to take your hand and look after you. But when I see girls being leaned on, I want to say, ‘Tell him to get his damned arm off your shoulder’.”

During the interview, Dame Helen also encouraged women to get married later in life, adding that she thinks marrying young is “not a great idea”, particularly if the bride is only doing it “for the frock”.

“We’re still finding our path. And yes, we’re making a lot of mistakes along the way.”

Dame Helen, of course, is always quick to call out sexism when she sees it, such as in June, when she branded Hollywood sexism and ageism “fucking outrageous” and “ridiculous”, insisting: “We all watched James Bond as he got more and more geriatric, and his girlfriends got younger and younger. It’s so annoying.”

She also said in April that she didn’t want to be described as “feisty” or “sassy”, claiming they were terms that “make her gag”.

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