Cara Delevingne Strikes Back At Richard Madden, Following His Criticism Of Her As 'Unprofessional'

'I Don't Know Who You Are'

Cara Delevingne is not a woman to be messed with. That's the message given out by the model turned actress, following 'Game of Thrones' star Richard Madden's criticism of her as "unprofessional" after she gave a very awkward interview.


The 'Cinderella' actor had seemingly blasted Cara for how she behaved when interviewed by two US breakfast show hosts for her film 'Paper Towns'. Richard commented, "It made her seem ungrateful. She showed her age. For Cinderella I did six weeks of those interviews, where you get asked the same eight questions."

He added: "If you're not capable of doing that gracefully, then don't do it."

Cara, it seems, is having nothing of it. As soon as this interview in Style Magazine was made public, she wrote to Richard Madden on his Twitter page, putting the actor in his place, saying, "I have no idea who you are but I think it's little desperate for a grown man to be bad mouthing someone they don't know.

Finished? Not quite. She added, "If you really want attention that badly, try focusing on your own work and not other people's."

Cue the backtrack, with Richard quickly commenting in return, "Hi @caradelevingne, nothing but respect for you. Misquoted and blown out of proportion."

So that's all fine then. Back to besties...

Richard Madden enjoys his junket time on 'Cinderella' with co-star Lily James

The altercation arose out of an interview Cara gave to the hosts of Good Day Sacramento for her film 'Paper Towns', when her hosts asked her if she'd read the book it was based on by John Green. (Video reminder above.)

As the tension arose between them, they then enquired if she was tired, before bringing the interview to a close and suggesting she get herself a power drink.

There's been a bunch of interviews with celebrities that haven't gone quite according to plan, recently.

Only last week, Eamonn Holmes didn't get the best out of former pop star David Cassidy when he asked him about his bankruptcy. The American singer was defensive about "reorganising his assets" and eventually barked, "Are you just trying to rubbish me?"

And Robert Downey Jr had seemingly had enough of Krishnan Guru-Murthy's line of questioning about his former drug addictions and time spent in prison, explaining it was "all getting a bit Diane Sawyer" as he looked to his publicist for help and finally removed microphone and fled.

Going further back, there's plenty more (below). It seems Cara's in good company!

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