Petition For BBC To Call David Cameron 'The Right-Wing Prime Minister' Has Reached Over 14,000 Supporters

A petition calling for the BBC to refer to David Cameron as "the right-wing Prime Minister" is picking up pace on

Despite only being started on Wednesday, the petition has already attracted over 14,000 supporters.

Amanda Drury, who started the campaign, wrote: "Every time Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned in a news report on the BBC he is referred to as 'the left-wing Labour Party leader'.

"In the interest of fairness and un-biased reporting, David Cameron should also be referred to in terms of his place on the political spectrum - the right-wing Prime Minister."

Drury said the the change in the way the BBC address the political leaders is "small but significant".

One signatory, Antonio Diaz Kouhia, wrote: "BBC has biased news articles, and if you choose to keep calling Corbyn "the left wing party leader" then Cameron should also be called what he is... the right-wing prime minister."

Another, Chris Eyre, said: "I want fair and unbiased reporting from the BBC... Something that is seriously lacking evidenced by Dennis Skinner having to correct a reporter this week about the lack of fact in her report"

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