Moroccan Argan Goats Climbing Trees Are Helping The Production Of Oil


If you've ever wondered where goats come from, this video reveals all.*

A film-maker was wandering through Morocco on an adventure tour when he came across the unusual sight of a tree full of hoofed Argans, standing nonchalantly in the branches.

*The most likely explanation for this behaviour is the mammals need to climb to reach fruit. The species have previously been known to scale trees up to 30 feet tall in order to grab a tasty bite.

This little one was caught amongst the leaves, in its element

But not only do the creatures look brilliant hovering in trees, they help to provide a smoother process for obtaining the much valued argan oil, which is made from fruits and leaves.

By digesting the fruits -which have notoriously difficult nuts to crack open - they help to soften them, allowing enterprising people to pick seeds from their excrement.

Workers then press those seeds to produce argan oil, which is then used in hair products around the globe.

Argan oil also helps the local environment and Professor Travis Lybbert, from the University of California, has investigated what a growing market for the oil does to a Moroccan household's finances.

Lybbert found that the economics of the substance are complex, but in the families that participate, women in particular are provided with an important profitable opportunity.

So in essence, goats climbing trees is a good thing.

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