Rainbow Doritos Are Introducing Children To 'The Joys Of Homosexuality', Says Conservative Writer Ed Straker

When Doritos launched their bag of rainbow chips in aid of a LGBTQ charity, the world collectively rejoiced. Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to rain on their (pride) parade...

Conservative US writer, Ed Straker, has taken it upon himself to be that person.

In a blog for American Thinker titled: 'Want to know what gay tastes like? Try Rainbow Doritos!', Starker wrote: "Doritos are a product marketed to children, so they make the perfect gateway snack to introduce children to the joys of homosexuality."

Starker continues: "I think we should push other companies to launch pro-heterosexual campaigns.

"Perhaps we could persuade a hot dog maker and a hot dog bun company to do a joint effort promoting man-woman relationships."

Rainbow Doritos were launched in partnership with It Gets Better, a charity working to improve the lives of LGBTQ people around the world.

100% of the profit from each bag went to the charity, and it wasn't long before they sold out completely. They appear to be back in stock, but are only available in the US.

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