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5 New Ways With Lasagne - No Minced Meat In Sight

5 New Ways With Lasagne - No Minced Meat In Sight

Mmm, lasagne: What's not to love?

When the nights get a bit chillier, lasagne is one of our go-to favourite comfort food dishes.

The classic Italian favourite has long been honoured, and it has really been around for a long time: allegedly, the dish can be traced back to ancient Greece and the word laganon, meaning a flat sheet of pasta dough cut into strips.

So what's the secret to lasagne's centuries-old success? The combination of pasta sheets, gooey cheese, meat and sauce is not only delicious, filling and the ultimate comfort food, it's also versatile. Easy to make-ahead and freeze, it's an ideal dish for mid-week dinners with the family. Lasagne is also an old reliable when you're looking for a classic dish for your next dinner party meal.

The best part is, it's just as tasty when you cut a few corners and use a ready-made tomato or béchamel sauce. We won't tell if you won't...

While lasagne - with its signature combination of ingredients - is undoubtedly a dinnertime staple, it's also a dish that's constantly evolving and reinventing itself.

Ditch the meat in favour of a colourful array of vegetables and it becomes a tasty vegetarian dish, or add in seafood or salmon for a creamy, satisfying alternative.

You can find plenty of appetising dairy- and gluten-free lasagne recipes out there, and lasagne has even become a breakfast-time treat: just replace lasagne sheets with pancakes and say "yum." If you're a pudding fiend, lasagne as dessert, aka chocolate lasagne, does in fact exist...

Click through the slideshow below for some delectable twists on the classic dish and check out five new ways to make lasagne, with no minced meat in sight.

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