Allison Janney On Song As She Picks Up First Emmy Trophy

Allison Janney On Song As She Picks Up First Emmy Trophy

Mom star Allison Janney broke into song on stage as she was named the first winner at the 67th Emmy Awards.

The former West Wing star picked up the trophy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for her role as recovering alcoholic Bonnie on the ITV2 show.

Arriving on stage to pick up the award after walking the red carpet in scorching temperatures, Janney looked down at her hands and said: "I brought my blotting thing up with me, you know what it was like out there. I'm just starting to cool down.

"There were eight of us in this category so I feel like I won the lottery."

Reeling off a list of names of people she wanted to thank, she said, "I should be doing this in song" so continued her list by singing in an operatic style.

Concluding her musical thanks, she added: "So many lives are touched by addiction so it's a privilege to work on a show that reminds us that there is hope."

Janney's award was presented to her by comedians Amy Schumer and Amy Poehler.

The pair made fun of the process of swarms of groomers primping female actresses at awards shows by pausing to be tended to by teams of hairstylists and make-up artists before making their way on to the stage.

Stars braved the 95F (35C) heat on the red carpet at the Microsoft Theatre in central Los Angeles.

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt revealed she would love to make a Downton Abbey film.

Froggatt, who revealed she is a big fan of TV show Ray Donovan, said she would love to make the film after the conclusion of the ITV series.

"It's a great idea, it would be lovely and I would love to do it. The difficulty would be getting everyone together," she said.

"The first episode aired tonight in the UK so it's such lovely timing, I'm so happy to be here. I have to fly back so can't go to a party but will have a glass of champagne on the flight instead."

She chose a black and peach J Mendel gown and said she was relieved to be wearing something so light.

"It is summery and light and thank goodness, it's so hot I'm happy I chose a lightweight dress.

"I'm feeling good, I got off a flight yesterday and am rushing back tonight but I'm feeling pretty good."

Fellow Downton star Jim Carter, who is nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, said he was receiving text messages about the first episode of the new season as he walked the red carpet.

"It finished about half an hour ago in England and I've had a few texts saying they are in tears so that is nice."

Assessing his chances of winning, he said: "It's a six-horse race so who knows, it is in the lap of the gods."

Game Of Thrones stars Alfie Allen and John Bradley fanned themselves with their tickets and declared the carpet to be "ridiculous" and "red hot".

The actors revealed they have been constantly fielding questions about the death of Jon Snow, who was apparently stabbed to death in the season finale earlier this year.

Allen, whose character was last seen jumping off a high castle wall, was tightlipped about his character's future: "We will just have to wait and see but it will be an epic landing."

Bradley said: "Why wasn't that more of a cliffhanger? Why aren't we getting more awkward unanswerable questions about that?"

The family of Bradley's beloved character Samwell Tarly will make an appearance on the next season of the show and Bradley revealed how it was to film with the new cast.

"It was an intervening experience for me because Sam's family life informed everything he did so I've had to cast them in my mind so it's interesting to see who they really are.

"They are perfectly cast I think and was a pleasure to play scenes with them."

Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul in outstanding drama series nominee Homeland removed his tuxedo jacket as he succumbed to the heat while Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet mopped his brow.

Modern Family is nominated for outstanding comedy series after winning the category for five consecutive years and Stonestreet said: "If we win it is incredible but if we don't, we won for five years.

"We love working with each other and that part hasn't changed. It's amazing to think it's been so long."

Ricky Gervais, who is nominated for his Netflix special Derek, walked the red carpet in a navy blue tuxedo accompanied by his partner Jane Fallon.

He said: "I'm excited to lose another one, it's lovely to be out in 100 degree heat In a tuxedo. I'm dripping in sweat, I'm from England. This isn't even weather in England, we wouldn't know what to call it, it's like being in an oven."

Even the prospect of an Emmy did not make him feel better: "It wouldn't even make it worth it, sitting there for three hours. I shouldn't complain, I would like to thank the Academy for nominating me but can we do it in January next time?"

Mad Men nominee Elisabeth Moss made her way down the red carpet in a hot pink strapless gown.

Singer Lady Gaga, who stars in the upcoming series of American Horror Story, sported a simple black dress and Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is nominated for An Honourable Woman, chose a strapless gown with a black bodice and full purple skier.

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