Britain First Pull Out Of BBC Documentary On Racism As Broadcaster Will 'Distort' Footage To Make Them Look Bad

Britain First Pulls Out Of Racism Doc Over Fears It May Make It 'Look bad'

Britain First has reportedly pulled out of a BBC documentary about racism fearing the broadcaster will "distort and misrepresent the footage and the interviews so as to make us look bad".

According to Britain First's website the BBC spent several months following leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen before the pair learned the footage was going to be included in a series about racism, at which point "we cancelled participation".

The snubbing comes a month after the group turned down an offer to feature in a Ross Kemp documentary about immigration, fearing "our movement will be dragged through the gutter". The group now claims the BBC intends to do exactly the same thing.

Britain First said they pulled out of a BBC documentary after learning it was about "racism"; pictured above is deputy leader Jayda Fransen

According to Britain First the BBC team was "undeterred" and have "cobbled together a programme from the filming" which it is soon to air on BBC3.

In an article on its website Britain First warns its followers about what to expect from the "media liars".

"We all know that the BBC is heavily leftwing and very biased towards everyone who isn’t a socialist or liberal.

"This forthcoming programme will, no doubt, be a hatchet job that portrays us in a bad light.

"They will twist, distort and misrepresent the footage and the interviews so as to make us look bad."

Britain First said given the BBC is funded by taxpayers' money it "should not be showing preference to certain political viewpoints".

But, the group claims: "That won’t stop the BBC mindbenders from dragging our movement through the gutter."

In August Britain First said that the production team for a new Sky 1 documentary series "pleaded" with it to take part in a series on immigration.

It posted a message on its website purportedly from a producer looking after the documentary which is "working under the title" of Ross Kemp's Britain and will explore "some of the pressing social issues of the day".

Britain First earlier claimed they turned down a chance to speak about immigration on a new Ross Kemp documentary as it could damage its reputation

The message read: “We are very keen to explore the rise of nationalist sentiment and the reasons for its growth, what people are worried about and what they want people to listen to them. Clearly the issue is growing and can’t be ignored, nor can it be properly covered without talking to Britain First.”

The producer tried to reassure Britain First that Kemp, a former Eastenders’ star lauded for his documentary series on gangs, wouldn't be biased, insisting he is "extremely straight".

Ross Kemp unsuccessfully tried to make a documentary featuring Britain First

"He goes on a journey to hear all the views in the debate and doesn’t come with any agenda, so it would be fantastic if we could film with you, following you from the inside at a demonstration or march – possibly the Day of Action in Rotherham could be good.”

On its website Britain First said it had "no interest in participating in heavily bias hatchet job documentaries", and referred to Kemp as a leftwing actor.

It claimed participating in the documentary risked the movement being "dragged through the gutter".

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