JK Rowling Forced To Confirm That She Doesn't Condone Keeping Children Under Stairs

JK Rowling has taken to Twitter to insist that she doesn't condone children sleeping in under-stair cupboards, after learning of a Harry Potter-inspired interior trend.

The outspoken author responded to a photo of a magazine with a teaser that said: "Short on space? Shove the kids under the stairs in a Harry Potter bedroom."

Rowling's retort suggested that she'd come up against the bizarre accusation in the past. She wrote: "I would like to make it clear that I don't endorse shutting children under the stairs. I thought I'd made that clear."

Harry Potter was famously shoved in a bedroom under the stairs by his only remaining relatives, the Dursleys, after he became orphaned.

His unfortunate life in the Dursley's house was a key part of the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.