This Duck-Shaped Tomato Is Just Too Cute To Eat

When Marie Davidek checked on the fruit and veg she was growing at her Michigan allotment last week, there was a little surprise waiting for her...

A little, edible, animal-shaped surprise.

In among her crop of tomatoes was a tommy that bore an uncanny resemblance to a duck.

"I thought gee, that's kind of strange," Marie told WNEM. "And then I put him down and looked at him and thought, to me, he looks like a duck."

The fruit in question even has a diddy beak.

Marie and her husband Bob have decided the little fella is too special to eat just yet.

She hopes that sharing her story might just inspire others to dig out their gardening gloves, too.

"This is really something that I think a lot of people should see," she said. "Maybe somebody else will start doing a garden."

One thing's for sure, we'll never be satisfied with regular tomatoes again.

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