This Super Chilled TV Ad Is Designed To Help You Sleep

In a world where we're bombarded by thousands of advertising messages every day, sometimes life can feel a bit hectic.

But a new two-minute advert, created by mindfulness app, Calm, is designed to be the ultimate antidote to this traditional, hard sell advertising.

Dubbed "The World's Most Relaxing TV Ad", the 120-second clip features five relaxing scenes – a mountain view, waves crashing onto a beach, rainfall in a forest, a lakeside sunset and an underwater scene - and unusually, it doesn't include a voice over or any staged action.

The only sounds heard are generated by Mother Nature.

The ad will be aired across the UK during the next three weeks and is intended to aid sleep, by helping viewers relax and feel less stressed.

A scene from the advert

Considering the fact that 92% of Brits have trouble sleeping, it looks like this ad couldn't have come a moment too soon.

"The world is becoming an increasingly noisy place and sometimes whispering can be more effective than shouting," Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm, explains.

"No one has ever created an ad quite like this and we hope viewers will enjoy this rare moment of calm."

The two-minute advert will appear alongside a number of shorter 30-second ads and will make its UK debut on Tuesday 22nd September.

It's certainly got us feeling mellow.

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