Dame Vivienne Westwood Slams Tory Government On Channel 4 Jon Snow Interview

In the wake of a stunt which saw her drive a tank to David Cameron's house in a protest against fracking, Dame Vivienne Westwood has continued her scathing attack on the government.

The fashion designer was speaking to Channel 4's Jon Snow in an interview touching on topics from green energy to Jeremy Corbyn.

During the segment Westwood slammed the government, claiming that she doesn't think it is trying to give people a better life.

Vivienne Westwood slams lack of compassion from government in interview with Channel 4's Jon Snow

After questioning from the Channel 4 presenter on who would be best to lead the charge for her type of politics, such as green energy proposals, Westwood responded: "Jeremy Corbyn's policies would be people friendly, pro people, his principles are trying to give people a better life,

"I don’t think the government at the moment is trying to do that at all they’re just trying to link up with big business.

"I don’t believe any of the things the government are doing are people friendly at all, I think Jeremy Corbyn has strong principles where he really genuinely wants to help people have light."

The Dame also tussled with Snow about the possibilities of using green energy instead of nuclear power in Britain.

"There’s no reason to have your own nuclear energy, there’s no reason to have your own fossil fuel energy.

"There would be reason to develop your own green economy because green renewable energy is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time" she said.

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