Fox Hunting Steward Mimics Sex Acts With Dead Goose In West Midlands

Shocking footage has been released of a fox hunting steward apparently simulating a sex act with a dead goose.

The video, uploaded on 19 September by anti-hunting campaign group West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, depicts a man straddling the carcass, before another man begins kicking it.

Leicestershire Police were called on 22 September by a member of the public and have began an investigation into the incident.

The fox hunting steward swung the dead goose around

The campaign group released a statement on Facebook to accompany the video, it read: "Two foot walkers stayed with the hunt all day and witnessed them hunting on at least two occasions through woodland which had clear signs stating restricted wildlife areas, but this didn't stop the hunt.

"The two foot-walkers were accompanied all day by a group of young male hunt stewards.

"We think the video attached speaks for itself as to the mentality of the Atherstone Hunt and no more words need to be written."

The footage was filmed near Lodge Farm, in Ibstock, Leicestershire, on Saturday and has already been viewed more than 30,000 times online.

Atherstone Hunt have distanced themselves from the alleged steward in the video and a statement on their website wrote: “The Atherstone Hunt would like to make it clear that they are sickened and disgusted by the appalling behaviour of an individual with a dead bird at a meet of the hunt at Ibstock on Saturday 19, September 19.

“The individual concerned is not an employee or member of the hunt and has been informed by the hunt that he is not welcome to attend any hunt events in the future.”

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