24/09/2015 16:26 BST | Updated 24/09/2016 06:12 BST

Jeremy Corbyn's Leadership Credentials In Doubt, According To Poll

Jeremy Corbyn is seen as a more honest politician than David Cameron but just a third of voters believe he would make a capable leader, according to a new opinion poll.

Coming up towards the end of his second week as Labour leader, an Ipsos MORI poll for the Evening Standard found Mr Corbyn recorded a satisfaction rating of minus 3% - with 33% satisfied with the way he is doing his job and 36% dissatisfied.

The pollsters confirmed that it was the first time a new Labour leader has scored a negative rating in a debut appearance in an Ipsos MORI poll.

Even Michael Foot managed a positive 2% satisfaction rating in 1980 while Ed Miliband scored 19% in 2010 - suggesting there may be no electoral "honeymoon" with the voters for Mr Corbyn.

The Labour leader scored well on honesty - with 54% saying they believed he was more truthful than most politicians compared to 30% for Mr Cameron.

He was also seen to have a better understanding of the concerns of ordinary people with 39% saying he was out of touch as against 64% for the Prime Minister.

However when it came to competence, just 32% thought he would be a capable leader - compared to 62% for Mr Cameron - while only 23% said he would be good in a crisis, against 51% for the Prime Minister.

After the row over his failure to sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service, 37% said they believed he was patriotic - less than half the 76% who thought Mr Cameron was.

The poll also found a sharp rise in the numbers who believe Labour is divided – up from 38% last April to 75%.

Overall the poll has Labour on 34% five points behind the Conservatives on 39% with the Liberal Democrats on 9%, Ukip on 7%, and a combined tally of 5% for the Scottish Nationalists and Plaid Cymru.

:: Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,255 adults aged 18 and over across Great Britain by telephone between September 19 and 22.