24/09/2015 12:02 BST | Updated 24/09/2015 12:59 BST

Met Police Pays Out £50k To Two Students Involved In 2010 London Protests

The Metropolitan Police is to pay two brothers who took part in the 2010 student protests £50,000 after the pair sued the force for malicious prosecution, assault an battery.

Christopher and Andrew Hilliard were accused of dragging a police officer off his horse during the violent demonstrations in Westminster.

Christopher and Andrew Hilliard speaking to Channel 4 News

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Christopher, who is now 27, said: "I used to have a very positive view, now it's a very negative view. Through all the things that have happened, I certainly don't trust the police.

"We were told by our lawyers that the likelihood of us being found not guilty, due to the number of police witnesses, was extraordinarily low. It's only due to the fact that we were able with our mum to put together a lot of data, a lot of video footage for the trial, that we were able to be found not guilty through a lot of hard work.

"But, yes, I frequently worried that I was going to go to prison, that I was going to be incarcerated for something that was not of our doing at all."

The moment a police officer fell off his horse

Following the protests, David Cameron called for those responsible for the police officer being "dragged off his horse and beaten" should face the full force of the law.

Police batons rained down on Christopher and Andrew, now 22, when officers tried to push back the crowds. It was later alleged at a trial the officer who fell off his horse had failed to properly secure his saddle.

A court was told analysis of TV footage showed the brothers had shown no aggression or violence.