Star Trek's USS Enterprise Recreated By Fan As Incredible Oculus Rift Virtual Tour

Star Trek fans you're going to want to see this.

Fan and artist Jason B has painstakingly started to recreate the USS Enterprise from 'The Next Generation', allowing people with virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift to walk around a digital 'museum' of the iconic ship.

Using the Unreal Game Engine, Jason plans to create a perfect digital replica of the vessel both inside and out allowing fans to explore a ship which for many has become synonymous with their childhood.

It's not finished yet but even at this stage the attention to detail is staggering, and as time goes on Jason hopes to reach photorealism.

As it's just a hobby the project is likely to take some time yet, especially as he's working on this alone. According to Engadget the designer is thinking about possible crowdfunding the project in order to get more help but that in turn will then require CBS to actually approve the licensing behind it.

For now though just open the window, sit back and let the nerd-based nostalgia rush over you.