Driver Attempts To Scare Spider Using Lighter, Sets Petrol Station On Fire


This man has taken his fear of spiders to the next level.

The unidentified motorist used his lighter in a petrol station in a bid to scare away one of the arachnids.

He was captured frantically running around on CCTV, as flames rose from the side of his vehicle and alongside the tanks of gas.

The man suddenly realises that he's set the place on fire

Video footage from the station in the city of Michigan, shows the man’s horror as he realises what has happened, and the flames which rapidly engulf the pump and, presumably, the spider.

The man told authorities he saw a spider on his gas tank as he went to fill up and unwisely decided to use a lighter to remove it.

One petrol station employee at the scene told Fox 2: “He didn’t have a cigarette. He didn’t have anything on him. All of a sudden I look out and I see flames.”

Luckily the driver managed to escape without injury and the fire was promptly put out.

The motorists reaction to the spider can probably be put down to severe arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders and is the oldest and most common phobia in the Western culture.

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