'The Dress' Sexy Halloween Costume Now Exists, Women Everywhere Weep

Somewhere, there is a 10th circle of hell for the people who come up with 'sexy' fancy dress outfits.

No one is entirely sure what would drive another human to the depths of insanity required to create a 'Sexy Orange Wedge' costume. Perhaps they just want to laugh at women, perhaps it's just some dude with a fruit fetish.

We'll never know.

But now the folks that brought you such fancy dress gems as 'Sexy Green Plumber' and Donna T. Rumpshaker (aka sexy Donald Trump) have tapped into the consciousness of internet savvy women to create the sexy 'dress' based on ... yeah, that dress that sparked the world's most ridiculous debate few months ago. is now selling a "What Is The Colour?" Dress Costume, priced at $46.95 (around £31).

Is it blue and black, or white and gold? Or just the worst Halloween costume ever.

Forgetting completely that you can still buy the actual dress (which was blue and black in case you were living under a rock for most of the summer), they decided to find another way to make drunk people argue.

What's next? Sexy sex offenders? Sexy children? Oh wait, there's already an entire schoolgirl section.

Check out some other Halloween costume worst offenders below:

Sexy Orange Wedge

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