Jeremy Corbyn's Socks And Sandals Might Not Be So Unfashionable After All


Since being elected Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has shown he’s not afraid of going against the grain - ditching television appearances, staying silent during the national anthem and so on.

But in the ultimate act of subversion, the Islington North MP has committed one of the most shocking fashion faux pas…wearing socks with sandals.

Social media users could hardly believe their eyes at Jezza’s sartorial decision, with both good and bad reactions…

But while you may have previously thought the sock-and-sandals look was for men of a certain…er…vintage, it seems that in fact the leader of the Labour party is in fact in good company.

We’ve rounded up some of the best examples of his fellow footwear fans…

David Beckham

Celebs In Socks And Sandals

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