Apple's iPhone 6s Subjected To Ultimate Test By UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold

Watching This UFC Fighter Beat The New iPhones To Pulp Is Painful

UFC Fighters can do terrible things to iPhones, apparently.

Luke Rockhold, a martial arts champion, subjected the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus to a painfully long session of roundhouse kicking.

The test of durability was so brutal that Rockhold ended up bloodying the phone.

Not satisfied with spilling blood, he also tested the strength of the new custom alloy -- 7000 series aluminium -- used in both phones.

And he managed to snap both in two, although it took him a considerably longer time to break the iPhone 6s Plus.

Obviously this doesn't mean much to those of who don't posses his brute strength.

Indeed the test itself only means something for those us who regularly train at gyms, have bought an iPhone 6s that we would would like to destroy.

If you are still curious about which of the new iPhones you should get, should you ever need to use it as some sort of stress-reliever, pick the 6s Plus.

According to Rockhold, it was tougher than the 6s. We are all grateful this little mystery has been solved.

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