Jeremy Corbyn Could Make Tuition Fees U-Turn As SNP Seizes On Trident Row During Visit To Scotland

Jeremy Corbyn could renege on a promise to scrap university tuition fees, in an echo of the U-turn that blighted Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, as the Labour leader was faced with another headache.

The Financial Times reported a member of his Shadow Cabinet saying ending charges and restoring grants would not "automatically become policy".

He is already facing a divide over his promise to scrap the Trident nuclear weapons system after admitting he would never fire the missile, a comment that caused a fierce row with his front-bench.

The Labour leader pledged during the Labour leadership campaign to get rid of up to £3,000-a-year fees by raising £10billion through higher taxes.

But a Labour front-bencher reportedly said: “It’s like everything else from Jeremy’s leadership campaign, it doesn’t automatically become policy.”

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn confirmed the policy would be consulted on, but made clear this is the case with all his policies as the leader says he wants a collegiate approach to decision-making.

During a high-profile visit to Scotland, Mr Corbyn also suggested to the BBC the party's position on Trident would not be firmed up before the Scottish Parliament elections next May, suggesting months of uncertainty.

The Scottish National Party, whose rise is threatening the Labour Party with oblivion north of the border, said Mr Corbyn's party was "divided and unelectable".

“Jeremy Corbyn was elected on a number of key policy pledges – scrapping Trident, scrapping tuition fees and opposing Tory austerity - but within a matter of weeks he has rowed back on all of these," said SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie.

Labour lost all but one of its 41 MPs in Scotland at the general election to the SNP. Either Mr Corbyn, who was accompanied by the party's new Scotland leader Kezia Dugdale, or his deputy Tom Watson will visit the country once a month until the election.

The Labour leader was also confronted by the Buzzfeed News website with a can of Irn Bru, but declined to take it. He later took a swig of the drink.

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