Here's What 10 People Look Like With And Without Their Contacts

While it sure would be nice to have perfect vision, some of us need a special visit from the corrective lens fairy. As Cosmopolitan showed us Tuesday, people look very different when they wear glasses and when they don't. But what about when they put contacts on their eyeballs? Here's what 10 people in HuffPost's DC bureau look like wearing their contacts and not -- plus, how they feel about them.

"When I put in my contacts, I feel like I can see." -- Sara

"When I don't wear contacts, I feel scared. That's because I can't see anything, leaving me vulnerable to tripping or accidentally talking to people I dislike." -- Elise

"The biggest thing is I can't see the contacts until I put them in, so I'm really just winging it every time. It's a Catch-22." -- Jeff

"I've been wearing contacts since high school. Ever since then, I've been able to see clearly. It's a weird feeling, being able to see. It's indescribable. I encourage others to try it." -- Phil

"I feel the same." -- Amanda

"When I was in high school, I wore the kind of glasses Rivers Cuomo wore in those Weezer videos. They looked good, but I always worried that people thought I was trying too hard to fit in. After college, I decided to tone it down. My contacts make me feel more like myself. I look so weird when I don't wear them!" -- Zach

"Contacts suck. I wish I wore glasses instead, but I don't want them to break." -- Julia

"I don't even wear contacts tbh." -- Ashley

"I love wearing my contacts. Sometimes I match them with my outfit for a little extra flair." -- Ruby

"No comment." -- Ryan

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