Tom Harris, Ex-Labour MP, Photobombed In BBC Interview By Giant Spider

An ex-MP got epically photobombed on Thursday, after a large spider scuttled across the camera lense he was standing in front of.

Tom Harris, a former Labour transport minister under Tony Blair, was appearing on the BBC's Daily Politics when the arachnoid appeared.

His interview was broadcast from the corporation's studio in Glasgow, with a live-stream shot of the Clyde Arc and Finneston Crane behind him.

Probed on new leader Jeremy Corbyn's journey to Edinburgh today to win back voters from the SNP, Harris claimed Corbyn was not properly addressing issues that came to the fore in last year's independence referendum.

"They're getting closer to the point of Scottish politics, which is that the referendum did change everything," he said.

"It wasn't that it made people more left-wing, it was that it made people think far more about Scotland and about the Scottish flag, rather than left versus right politics.

"Now, personally, I don't think that was a particularly healthy development but that's the reality of the situation and so far I just don't see Jeremy or his team addressing that."

As Harris finished his remarks, a large spider scurried across the camera broadcasting scenes of Clyde Bridge behind him.

The photobomb prompted presenter Andrew Neil to begin commenting "one of the challenges-" before swiftly defusing the situation and telling Harris instead: "A rather large insect has moved past you just there, I hope you're alright. You didn't see it"

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