Men And Women Explain What Makes A 'Good Body' - And It Isn't What You Think

If you believed everything you read in magazines you'd think a "good body" meant women with perfect curves and long limbs or men with rock hard abs and bulging biceps.

But if the body confidence has taught us anything it's this: all bodies are beautiful.

When Buzzfeed took to the streets to find out what people really think makes a good body, conversations started by describing particular physical attributes but eventually it was agreed that all bodies, regardless of size or shape, are desirable.

Some were quick to dispel the myth that beauty only runs skin deep, by stressing that a person's overall happiness and well-roundedness shines through.

Noelle, a doctor, agrees. "I think a good body, or someone who is optimally healthy, is one that pays equal attention to all aspects of self, that being mind, body, and spirit," she tells Buzzfeed.

Medically, Noelle explains, a 'good body' tends to be judged on BMI, blood pressure and overall health - but she says that sometimes we have to look beyond the numbers and assess the person as a whole to work out whether or not they are truly healthy.

Body image blogger Megan added: "I think all bodies are good bodies... For me a good body is complicated and a good body is flawed."

Watch the full video above and let us know what you think makes a good body in the comments below.