Black Bear Gets Revenge After Being Pepper Sprayed By Traveller

This black bear had only one thing in mind as it mercilessly chewed it way through this woman's kayak. Revenge.

Mary Maley was holidaying in the Alaskan wilderness when she bumped into the hungry mammal.

The bear spent a few minutes taking bites out of her plastic vessel, before calmly walking towards her.

After Maley hit the bear with pepper spray, it began to eat her kayak

Maley recorded the scenes on video footage as she pepper sprayed the impending bear.

After the altercation, the animal turned back around toward the vessel and began chewing on it again, with intent. By this point, Maley is pleading.

“Get away from that kayak!” she yells. “Come here!”

“Bear! Bear! Bear! You’re breaking it, you’re breaking my kayak!”

“Bear, please stop breaking my things. It’s not, it’s not even food, it doesn't even taste good, it’s just plastic.”

Needless to say the bear continued to eat the plastic kayak, without a care in the world.

Maley, who first uploaded the video to YouTube, writes in the description that the bear kept going for another five to 10 minutes after the video ends before it left.

Stranded, she then had to swim to a sailing vessel, which took her to a nearby community so she could fix the kayak.

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