'Bridget Jones 3': Renée Zellwegger's Character Gets A Makeover For 2015 In First Official Photo For Third Film 'Bridget Jones's Baby' (PICS)

Bridget Jones Gets A 2015 Makeover In First Official Photo From New Film

The first photo of Renée Zellweger in character from the forthcoming film, ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ has been unveiled - and it seems Bridget has been given a makeover for 2015.

Gone is her trademark diary, seen in the first two films, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ and ‘The Edge Of Reason’, and instead she’s shown clutching an iPad, which we’re guessing is where we’ll be getting our updates from Bridget in the new film.

The new picture, shared on Working Title Productions’ official Twitter page, marks the first time we’ve been offered a glimpse of Renée is Bridget in over a decade, with her last outing hitting cinemas in 2004.

Filming for the upcoming third film is now under way, with Colin Firth also confirmed to be returning as her love interest, Mark Darcy.

However, his rival Daniel Cleaver won’t be putting in an appearance, as actor Hugh Grant has said he won’t be coming back for the third instalment, telling reporters last year: “I decided not to do it. But I think they’re going to go ahead and do it without Daniel.”

Instead, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actor Patrick Dempsey will be appearing as an as-of-yet undisclosed new character, confirming the news on his Instagram page.

Last week, he shared a photo from Pinewood Studios, writing: “Nice to be working in England. Renee and Colin are an absolute joy to work with!”

The new film is said to be based on original author Helen Fielding’s ‘Bridget Jones’ columns, rather than the third book, ‘Mad About The Boy’ released in 2013.

Back in August, it was reported that filming for ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ was officially underway, with the first scene taking place at an Ed Sheeran concert, and a stunt double standing in for Renée.

Renée as Bridget, back in 2001

Reports suggested that filming had taken place in the crowd at Ed’s concert in Dublin, with a source saying at the time: “There was no risk in filming Renée at a busy gig. But they knew the cat would be out the bag the minute people saw her at the show.

"Renée's body double and the cameramen were in and out of the crowd as quickly as possible."

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