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Looking To The Future - Intel RealSense Will Blow Your Mind

Of all the must-have gadgets tech-heads have lusted over, the one where the hero in a sci-fi movie draws shapes in the air to operate a 3D device tops the list. But that’s the stuff of fantasy, right? Step forward - or rather appear as if by magic - Intel® RealSense™.

The face-recognising, depth-sensing, reality redifining technology that’s revolutionising everything from computers and cameras to gaming and vending machines has finally arrived.

Here are just a few ways it will blow your mind.

One Small Gesture

Imagine a computer that understands your command before your finger touches the keyboard, or without using voice control to communicate. It can be operated not only with a swipe through the air or a wave, but also through a smile or a wink. The gesture control technology of Intel RealSense means your humble laptop can recognise your hand and head movements, and even facial expressions. Taking interaction with a machine one step closer to having that robot friend you’ve always dreamed about...

Changing Focus

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - and it's now available in tech form. The Intel® RealSense™ allows you to realign photographs to your specific desires, shifting focus between subjects in the frame. Got a friend who hates the photo? Not a problem, sink them into the background. Want to focus on the birthday girl? Done - just apply and re-order to your hearts desire.

Going The Distance

Ever wondered how far you've got to jump? The Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera R200 uses cutting edge depth perception technology to allow you to measure depth and distance using only a photograph. The incredible tech allows you to take a snap, and measure the distance between objects in the frame. Perfect for budding designers or amateur stunt riders.

The Future Of Gaming. Starring You

PC games in development are incorporating a RealSense standalone camera peripheral, meaning gamers’ movements can be tracked, with the scenes adjusting to the direction the gamer turns his or head. And considering the 3DMe app already allows you to scan your face and add it to 3D models, it won’t be long before gamers can literally see themselves in action. Download the 3DMe app for free here.

No One Can Take It Away From You

Hackers can crack passwords as easily as we forget ours. The True Key function allows you to truly personalise the way you unlock your device, by having your face as your password (maybe go for the fingerprint option if you have a twin). This innovative security system ensures your gadget will be useless to a thief. Although you could let them know that the range of products that feature Intel RealSense are surprisingly quite affordable…

The Possibilities Are Endless

With vending machines that can guess your sex and age, shop mirrors that change the colour of your outfit and touch-free interfaces in hospitals around the corner, Intel® RealSense™ will change your life. You'll be using 3D printers, creating art by swishing an imaginary paintbrush in thin air, measuring distances in pictures, and navigating your device with holograms. But we all know what you want to do more than anything is to have a go operating a drone, equipped with a 3D camera, which you navigate remotely through a forest. Throw that selfie stick away. Now.

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