Jumpsuit Dresses Are A Thing And They're Bringing Back 90s Memories (In A Bad Way)

Remember the 90s? Remember when people thought it was a good idea to wear skirts over trousers and actually sell them together as some sort of monstrous clothing hybrid?

It's baaaaack.

But this time it's a jumpsuit, and a dress, and it's on Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole Scherzinger seen leaving The Wendy Williams Show in New York on Wednesday 1 October

If you think this wildly confusing new trend is merely confined to the X-Factor judges and Tammy Girl-shoppers of the world, you're in for a shock.

This is an actual thing for sale right now in Zara.

Crossover Jumpsuit, £39.99 from

Yes Zara, home of the perfect workwear blouse and all your summer dresses, have actually created this fashion monstrosity.

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