Ryanair Dogs On Board Policy Might Allow Owners To Travel With Their Pets

Love-to-hate budget airline Ryanair has announced it is considering plans to allow pet dogs to travel with their owners on board its planes.

Rather than being secluded in the hold of an aircraft, pets would be allowed to sit either on seats or in secure travel boxes placed in overhead luggage compartments.

But the carrier is appealing to customers to decide whether to go ahead with the plans. Have your say on the policy in our poll, below.

The idea is part of an initiative the airline has named "Always Getting Better".

Acting on customer feedback, the carrier has implemented changes including a new website, better insurance policies, and will soon introduce a new crew uniform and improved menu options.

This view of the interior of a Ryanair plane may include more fur in future...

Now though, Ryanair is exploring its pet handling policies, and says that it is seriously exploring the possibility that pets may travel in the passenger cabin.

The airline told HuffPost UK: “This is one of a number of proposals we are looking at under our Always Getting Better programme.

"We are open to lots of suggestions and it's one we are weighing up. We'd be interested to hear what your readers think.”

The RSPCA said it couldn't comment specifically on the airline's plans, but that pets are sensitive to the experience of flying and that owners should take real care to ensure they are protected.

A spokesperson told HuffPost UK: "Long journeys including the flight, transportation to and from the aircraft and waiting times in the aircraft can be very stressful and distressing for pets. It is obviously a very foreign environment and may be frightening for many pets.

"Many animals can find the change in routine and environment and the experience of travelling very stressful. We would recommend that owners carefully consider if taking their pet on holiday with them is the best thing for their pet. It may be better to leave them in the care of a responsible person whilst you are away.

"If it is essential, we would advise owners to always plan journeys carefully, taking into account the needs of their individual pet need. And to always seek veterinary advice if unsure whether their pet is fit and healthy to travel."

What do you think about Ryanair's potential pet policy?

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