The Martian Author Andy Weir Responds To Critics And Reveals Mark Watney's True Identity

The Martian is here.

Mark Watney, the guy stranded on Mars, had to get through 3,000 fact checkers and a controversial sand storm before he graced the screens on September 30.

At least that is what author Andy Weir had to face before his New York Times best seller made it in to our cinemas.

Weir's book, which first started out as a blog, has received widespread attention from Hollywood royalty, including Ridley Scott, and science giants such as NASA because his story has somehow managed to marry a great deal of space theory with entertainment.

Scott, who directed the movie, recruited the likes of Matt Damon to play the stranded astronaut who lands on Mars following a sandstorm - a point that riled several space experts who thought Weir got this particular piece of science wrong.

But Weir joined us via Google Hangout to clear up these criticisms. He also shared the identity of the true Mark Watney and shed some light on what the first Mars mission will be like.

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