Jennifer Aniston's Emirates' Ad Will Remind You Just How Unlikely You Are To Ever Turn Left On A Plane

Whilst the only chance hardly any of us will ever get of flying first class will be if we’re lucky enough to get an upgrade, that isn’t the case for Jennifer Aniston, who’s only too happy to remind of us of the fact in her new advert for Emirates.

In the ad, which she was reportedly paid $5million for, a bathrobe-wearing Jen is on board a flight when she asks a member of cabin crew where the shower is, because, heaven forbid, she’s going to look ‘really silly dressed like this at the bar’.

“Oh there is no bar,” she’s told. “But we do have hot towels and a bag of peanuts.”

You know, like they do in economy.

Cue a panicked Jen getting seriously anxious at the thought of not being able to use her loofa at 39,000 ft.


It was all just a really, REALLY horrible dream, as we then see the former ‘Friends’ star stir from her slumber in her first class bed before heading to the first class bar for a calming first class cocktail.


“It was a nightmare,” she tells the barman. “It was nothing like this.”

Oh Jen, you should try Ryanair next time. You don’t even get a packet of free nuts. Imagine!

Watch Jennifer’s Emirates ad above and try not to feel too bad about your economy-dwelling lives.