Daily Telegraph Forced To Issue Correction To Ivan Lewis MP Over His Comments On Jeremy Corbyn And Anti-Semitism

The Daily Telegraph has been forced to issue a correction to a Labour MP over how it reported his comments about anti-semitism and Jeremy Corbyn.

Ivan Lewis denied that he had directly accused Mr Corbyn of being anti-semitic during the leadership contest when he said that Corbyn, who has since won the contest, had "shown very poor judgment in expressing support for and failing to speak out against people who engaged... in anti-Semitic rhetoric" in a piece for The New Statesman.

The Telegraph's August 15 report said Mr Lewis had attacked Corbyn's "anti-semitic rhetoric".

Mr Lewis, a former shadow Northern Ireland secretary, complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso), which ruled in his favour.

Today's Telegraph carries the correction on page two.

It reads:

An article of 15 Aug said that Ivan Lewis had accused Jeremy Corbyn of being ‘anti-Semitic’, and had attacked his “anti-Semitic rhetoric”. In fact, Mr Lewis did not directly accuse Mr Corbyn of being anti-Semitic. He said that Mr Corbyn had “shown very poor judgement in expressing support for and failing to speak out against people who have engaged … in anti-Semitic rhetoric”. This correction has been published following a ruling by the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

During the leadership contest, Mr Corbyn was castigated for having contact with figures such as Paul Eisner, a self-described Holocaust denier, and describing "friends" in Hamas and Hezbollah, armed groups committed to Israel's destruction.

Mr Lewis' New Statesman piece was entitled: "I can't in all conscience, vote for Jeremy Corbyn - I will be using all my preferences to stop him."

He wrote: "It saddens me to have to say to some on the left of British politics that anti-racism means zero tolerance of anti Semitism, no ifs, and no buts.

"I have said the same about Islamaphobia and other forms of racism to a minority of my constituents who make unacceptable statements."

The Blairite MP, who voted for Liz Kendall in the leadership contest, was among the first to be sacked from the shadow cabinet after Mr Corbyn was elected leader.