06/10/2015 04:04 BST | Updated 06/10/2015 04:59 BST

Reddit Launches Own News Site, Upvoted, But Readers Can't Upvote

The front page of the Internet is set to create a new website dedicated to distilling its reams of content into snackable, news-like form.

But unlike its main website, Reddit won't allow readers to comment on posts or 'rate' content by voting it up.

And that's despite the new site's name: Upvoted.

reddit upvoted

The site is due to launch on Tuesday with the tag-line: "A Redditorial Publication".

It comes after a Summer of controversial policy changes which have sought to minimise the level of negative discourse and offensive material on the site, and which saw several 'sub-reddit' forums closed down.

reddit upvoted

Now it appears to be addressing another problem: losing traffic to websites that scour its site for content.

The new website will look and feel much like a typical news website and it's hosted on the traditional Wordpress platform.

Despite its name, there will be no voting system when it launches. And comments won't be enabled to begin with.

Instead the site will cherry pick upvoted content from the main Reddit site.

reddit upvoted

The new site will name check the individual Reddit user that posted the content in the first place.

It will link back to their profile, and it will related directly to an Upvoted sub-reddit 'r/Upvoted'.

An editorial team will work in-house at Reddit to put the site together.


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