‘University Challenge' Contestant Sends Twitter Into A Spin With Bizarre Degree Subject

‘University Challenge’ has provided us with plenty of snigger-worthy moments over the years, but we reckon the show has just outdone itself thanks to contestant Kate Lynes, who happily announced that she’s studying for a degree in “sphincter preservation” in Monday night's episode.

Yes, seriously...

Naturally, Twitter couldn’t wait to have a few laughs following the Queen Mary student’s introduction, and barely a minute passed before the jokes started rolling in, as distracted viewers struggled to keep their minds on the show’s tough questions…

Thankfully, the university put a stop to the silliness, by providing more information on Kate’s degree:

This isn’t the first time the current series of ‘University Challenge’ has turned heads, as earlier this year, student Kamil Shah stunned viewers with his uhhh, interesting ensemble of choice: a pleather vest.

Sadly, his sartorial sassiness wasn't enough to impress host Jeremy Paxman, and his university King's lost to rival Cambridge college Sidney Sussex.

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