Westboro Baptist Church Attempts To Picket School, Is Chased Away By Kids

High-school students have successfully scared away Westboro Baptist Church picketers after the religious hate-group turned up on the institution's grounds.

The extremist church - infamous for homophobia - showed up after hearing news that the Kansas City, Missouri school had elected a transgender girl as homecoming queen.

A protest was organised to deter the group from the Oak Park High School on 1 October. Hundreds of students came out to line the streets armed with placards.

When the church arrived they were met with fierce resistance from the children, holding signs mocking the slogans of the group.

Such phrases read: "Westboro Baptist Church need Jesus" and "Love Wins".

A video taken at the protest sees the teenagers surrounding the Church's car whilst chanting: "long live the queen"

By the end of the footage the group can be seen driving away in defeat from the swarm of young protesters.

Westboro Baptist Church, which has been classified as a hate group, has become known for its high-profile protests known for featuring the trademark slogan "God Hates Fags."

The group's hateful message has seen them face an increasing amount of counterprostests in recent times.

Just over a year ago The Huffington Post staged a huge love-in to fight against the group when it protested its offices in 2014.