Frankie Boyle Has An Utterly Brutal Assessment Of This Year's Party Conferences

Cutting comic Frankie Boyle has nailed this year’s party conferences in possibly his most astute column yet.

In a Guardian roundup which expertly lampoons all three parties for their “strange, dull ceremonies”, Boyle’s interpretation of Britain’s political landscape is as biting as it is bleak.

Frankie Boyle's sums up the Labour, Lib Dems and Tory conferences with aplomb

Cementing his reputation as a political commentator, Boyle’s descriptions of the runners and riders are as insightful as they are hilarious, and prove no one is safe from his equal-opportunities acid tongue.

Jeremy Corbyn

Frankie Boyle sums up the party conferences

Boyle is rapidly gaining a reputation for his wry political acumen.

Last week, the Scot mused in his own blog upon allegations Cameron had “put a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth, during an initiation ritual at a Piers Gaveston event at Oxford University.

Boyle remarked: “The interesting thing for me is that because the allegation is that he did it in a roomful of people wearing dinner jackets, it’s sort of OK.

Boyle, who has also implied Cameron to be a "shrewd and malevolent psychopath", does not limit his observations solely to politics however.

The comedian has also taken aim at cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, suicide, Jimmy Savile, Katie Price's disabled son Harvey, the Royal family and the Middle East conflict.

Further figures and topics who have found themselves under Boyle's harsh spotlight include:

Lambasting Labour's leadership hopefuls

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