Northern Lights Display Over Humpback Whales

A cameraman has captured the awe-inspiring scenes of the Northern Lights, twinned with a group of ocean giants swimming beneath.

Feeding humpback whales can be seen breaking the surface of the water along Norway's coast, while the colours of the Aurora Borelis illuminate the skies.

The paired combine to make for an incredible view.

Humpback whales break the surface of water as the Northern Lights shine above

According to EarthTouch News Network, the beautiful scenes were filmed by Norwegian cameraman Harald Albrigtsen, who works for the Norwegian media company NRK.

Albrigtsen was testing out a new low-light conditions camera when he spotted the combination.

The cameraman told local news: "After a few hours I was about to give up.

"But then they turned up again. I did not even know if everything was in focus ... It was like a dream."

Parts of Wales and Northern England were treated to the spectacular sight of the Northern Lights this week.

Forecasters predict the phenomenon, dubbed Aurora Borealis, will be visible across a number of cities including Manchester and Leeds over the coming weeks.

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