How To Tie A Bow Tie Using The Word 'Dapper'

Tying a bow tie is a contender for being the most confusing aspect of menswear, but luckily GQ are on hand to help.

Their latest tutorial video shows you exactly how to do it by using the word 'dapper' (and not of the laughs variety).

The video above explains it a lot better than us, so we'll let that do the talking. But if you need a quick recap, check out the six steps below:

D is for... different lengths.

Start with one side longer than the other.

A is for... A simple knot.

Cross both sides and tuck the longer end up and over.

P is for... Pinch a bow.

Fold the shorter end into the shape of a bow, pinching it against your neck.

P is for... Pull and pluck.

Pull the long side over the bow and then pluck both sides of the bow together.

E is for... Enter the whole.

There will now be a hole in the bow near your neck. Take the top of the dangling end and push it through the whole.

R is for... Refine.

Refine the bow tie until it takes the shape you want.

Um, Yes Please!

Eddie Redmayne's Dapper Style

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