Mum Creates Incredible Co-Sleeping Family Bed Using Ingenious IKEA Hack

This Mum's Co-Sleeping IKEA Bed Hack Is So Dreamy

A mum-of-five has devised an impressive IKEA hack to create a family bed that takes co-sleeping to a whole new level.

Elizabeth Boyce who blogs at Wandering The World Below wasn't prepared for the reaction when she shared her hack on her blog.

Boyce shares a bed with her husband Tom and their five children, Zach, 11, Izzy, nine, Ben, seven, Owen, three and Elijah, one.

Here's how.

Boyce said she created the bed out of complete necessity.

She told BabyCenter: "We had kids sleeping on the floor on blankets every night.

"Our mattresses were already on the floor since the baby and toddler were still in our bedroom.

"The big kids would start or move in every single night. I was sick and tired of tripping over kids all night, that they weren’t sleeping comfortably on the floor and that I had bedrooms completely empty."

Calling herself the "queen of thriftiness", she said it didn't take long to modify the IKEA Kura beds she already had.

In total, it cost her $209, which is only £136.

The labelled picture lists everything from where every child sleeps, where Boyce and her husband sleep, where the cups go and where their nightstand and lights are.

Basically, it's incredible.

After "a million requests" as Boyce put it on her blog, she shared a tutorial on the IKEA hack with the Kura beds.

Boyce wrote on her blog: "I hope this breakdown makes it even easier for your family to get the sleep you need."

You will need two of IKEA's Kura beds, some wood and white panel boards.

Here's a few more shots of the bed.

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