Man Watches Insidious In Virtual Reality And Becomes An Absolute Wreck

If you thought virtual reality was just for video games and nauseating tech demos then think again. Buy a cheap Virtual Reality 'viewer', slide your phone in and you can be up and running with one of the most terrifying pieces of entertainment known to man.

This man, who we shall call Jason because that's what YouTube says his name is, is just one of those people to experience VR at its more terrifying courtesy of the Insidious VR app which appeared back in April.

While the app went largely unnoticed, Jason's experience of it has gone rather viral, gathering over 100,000 hits on the video site.

Why has this man's suffering become so popular? Well aside from human nature, it's hilarious.

There's something blissfully funny about watching a fellow human utterly fail to keep composed when presented with a dark room, some hellish daemons and the prospect of something jumping out at you.

If you're keen to put yourself through a similarly unpleasant experience then check out the Insidious VR app, and then grab yourself a VR Viewer from the Google Cardboard website.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

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