These Are The False Things Foreigners Always Think About Other Countries

Frenchman With French Baguettes
Frenchman With French Baguettes
Izabela Habur via Getty Images

A helpful Reddit thread has sought to dispel some of the many myths that foreigners believe are true about other countries.

And it would appear there are a lot.

From native animals to cliched accents to simple geographic fallacies, it turns out we are more influenced by stereotypes than any actual facts.

A knowledge of nature is pretty poor.

We're not all like our most popular TV exports.

Oh, sorry Wales.

And Americans get a rough deal when it comes to diet.

Didn't even realise this was a thing.

The 70s appears to still be influencing opinions.

Yeah, India is a pretty big place folks.

Ah, the old Canada/America thing.

Some pretty raw emotions here.

Just British students then?

Aww, that ruins everything.

Here are the best of the rest.

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