Kardashian Faces Scrutunised By Instagram Artist Saint Hoax In Time-Lapse Video

An Instagram artist has highlighted the changing faces of three of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

The time-lapse videos, which feature a Photoshopped doctor's syringe on the faces of the reality TV stars, were created by a user known as Saint Hoax.

Despite some seemingly dramatic changes, the short clips themselves appear to have no other purpose other than to scrutinise the looks of the women.

You can view the artists transformations below:

A video posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

A video posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

A video posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

The reaction on Instagram has been somewhat cruel to the sisters and some have suggested they have undergone surgery to achieve the changes.

One person commented under the video of Khloe: "This is sad and gross" while another wrote: "I feel like she's just lost weight and then had her nose straightened."

The featured trio have had their lives under the spotlight since 2007 when reality TV show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' first hit the screens.