13/10/2015 07:37 BST | Updated 13/10/2015 07:59 BST

Rare Video Shows US Navy Testing Experimental Chemical Weapons In The 50s

The concept of using chemical or biological weapons on a massive scale is nothing new, however how militaries test those weapons has always proven to be a bit more difficult.

In the 50s however, when weapons like these were deemed 'allowable', it seems the US Navy had something of a 'gung ho' approach to weapons testing, it used its own people.

A rare and newly declassified film shows the Navy's techniques for both developing and then dispersing these experimental and high-tech weapons across huge areas.

Incredibly, the military used its own coastline as one of the testing grounds, releasing huge quantities of harmless but traceable material into the water and air.


Using huge sprayers on minesweepers and crop-dusting sprayers on naval planes the Navy carried out huge tests over the Western seaboard.

Thankfully most modern militaries have progressed from the use of these terrifying weapons making this video perhaps even more eerie when given the tone that is seemingly applied to it.