Plastic Bag Charge Results In Tesco Putting Security Tags On Shopping Baskets

Exasperated supermarket workers have been forced to put security tags on their shopping baskets at one store, after thefts sky-rocketed following the introduction of the carrier bag charge.

A third of all baskets at a branch of Tesco in Oldham were pinched in the seven days after the new charge was introduced.

According to the BBC, the supermarket giant said: "The store had a problem with people taking baskets since the introduction of the carrier bag charge.

"It is not a blanket policy, but we have introduced security tags as a result."

Other stores in London are also believed to have brought in the policy.

Also spotted were 10p Tesco bags for life (costing 10p) with security tags attached.

Tesco later admitted that this was a "mistake".

Some shoppers seem to have resorted to even more drastic tactics following the introduction of the 5p charge, introduced on 4 October.

According to Metro, some people have gone so far as to take actual shopping trolleys, reasoning that the £1 deposit was a fair exchange.

The introduction of the carrier bag charge was predicted by tabloids to cause “chaos”, but the results were, in reality, less serious.

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