‘University Challenge' Contestant Charlie Clegg Is Terrified Of The Show's Buzzer (And His Reaction Is Priceless) (VIDEO)

You’d think facing Jeremy Paxman on ‘University Challenge’ would be scary enough, but one poor student on the quiz show had to contend with something waaaay more terrifying.

That’ll be the buzzer.

Theology student Charlie Clegg from St John's College, Oxford, might have helped his team to victory but it was a seriously jumpy performance.

When his team mate buzzed in with an answer Charlie could be seen jumping in reaction to the loud bell - something that didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter...

Despite his nerves, Charlie’s team stormed to victory, beating their Bristol University opponents 255 points to 125.

‘University Challenge’ has provided us with plenty of snigger-worthy moments over the years.

Only last week contestant Kate Lynes happily announced she’s studying for a degree in “sphincter preservation” in Monday night's episode, much to the amusement of Twitter.

Watch the video of (a very jumpy) Charlie above.

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