How To Fix Broken Powder Makeup With Alcohol In Four Simple Steps

Eyeshadows, bronzers, blushers... no powder makeup is exempt from the dreaded smash.

It could happen when you drop it, or simply just from knocking about in your handbag, and it's always a million times worse when it's that sold-out limited edition piece from MAC you can't get hold of anymore.

Luckily, the beauty geniuses at Buzzfeed are here to help - with their new video showing you how to fix a broken compact with alcohol (which is ironically, most likely the number one cause of dropping makeup).

Watch the video above for their quick and easy guide, or follow the steps below to try it at home:

1. Break the rest of the powder inside the compact.

2. Soak with rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit.

3. Smooth it out with a flat knife or spatula.

4. Let it dry completely.

Et voilà, your makeup is rescued.

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